Alvin Ricki Teh


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Hi there, I’ve an interest in real estate for a long time and have been an investor, owning and renting out my investments. I know how it feels like to get the right property manager or real estate agent to look after your interest. It can get scary when with all the new laws in place, managing tenants and maintenance issues and etc.

I’ve started my marketing businesses when I was 21 and bought my first property at 27 and the journey did not end there, my learning starts……

This is where I started to look for Trusted and Reliable agents to assist me in my property journey and that helps me to further my Knowledge and Understanding of the property market as well, as my passion grew, I decided to venture into the property market.

I believe with my experiences in business and real estate over the years which has developed me into a creative thinker and problem solver is able to help you!